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The following are some testimonials from Barry's Rolfing clients.

          hi Barry,
          thank you so much for your excellent rolfing series!
          I can see the improvement in myself:
          - The clicking sounds in my jaw is gone
          - I am able to stand much more comfortably than before
          - I have started to lose weight
          - I walk more and enjoy it much more
           You were always respectful and professional in every way.
           You were always very patient.
           I recommend it very much to anybody who wants to do intensive bodywork


"I had the pleasure of cycling to my last Rolfing treatment with Barry today. This week was the first time on my racer since September 2006. Thank you for everything, this process has literally given me my life back."
- MJ, October 2007

"I had heard that Rolfing was a painful form of massage that can have great benefits for a person. I was reluctant to try Rolfing because the idea of pain does not sound appealing at all.  Eventually, I heard about Barry Davison and what a fabulous Rolfer he was. After a couple of years I mustered up the courage to book an appointment with Barry and when we met I told him I did not like pain. He explained to me that I could control the pain level so I immediately let him know that on a scale of 10 I could only tolerate about 4. Barry quickly gained my trust and I noticed benefits after the first session. I took all ten recommended sessions and feel like a new person. The benefits are that the constant tension that used to be in my neck and shoulders has disappeared and I move with more ease then previously. My posture has improved immensely. My only regret is that I didn’t do this many years sooner. Barry Davison is a kind, gentle person and an amazing healer."
- SD, April 2006

Hello Barry and Bridget,

I had been very active all my life and was competing internationally in cycling until a motor vehicle accident in 1992 which changed all that. It was not just my athleticism but my career choice which became unattainable.

As a result of the accident, I had exhausted all types of therapy - physiotherapy, physical therapy, chiropractic, massage, and a few back specialists - but had little success regaining pre-accident functionality. I had to accept the fact that I probably would never regain that level of athleticism and would have to find another career choice. I chose computers, aka Information Technology. 

Some time after the "accident", I heard about someone providing Rolfing and I attended my first session with Barry. I recall the moment after my first treatment when I realized that as a result of the first treatment, my foot was restored (increased one full size) back to it pre-accident size, 8.5. That was a revelation! The rest was history after that….

However, my career choice of computers had a side effect that would eventually compromise my health due the excessive amount of over-time. After gaining over 40 lbs I feared for my life and decided to leave IT, and took some time off to recover my health and make a new career choice. During my pursuit to regain my health I slipped during hiking and injured my shoulder. I saw several RMT's but none of them were able to resolve the shoulder issue. Again until I saw Barry and my shoulder issue was resolved in one treatment.

I can not put words together to adequately thank Barry for being my first "Rolfing" experience and having the ability to facilitate healing. But simply and sincerely, "thank you Barry!" 

Always a believer, -- J. Forsyth

Six weeks ago I conclude my course of ten 1 1/2 hour Rolfing sessions with Barry Davison.  Though the experience was painful at times, I found that Barry was always aware of my needs and thresholds. This man is a true healer.
Walking away from each session I felt like I was hardly touching the ground.   I am constantly amazed at the freedom from pain and stiffness that I now enjoy.  Even my posture and the way I walk has changed.
These Rolfing sessions, and the classes that Barry gives as part of the package, have been a great source of renewal and healing for me.   

I injured my back when I was 14 and after suffering in pain for many years and trying several different types of massage, acupuncture, acupressure, chiropractic, somatics, brain gym, physio, TFT, MDR, vitamins, minerals, pain relievers, diets, and a list of other things I can't even remember the name of, I finally discovered Rolfing. I've been active in sports all of my life but in the last few years was unable to participate in anything athletic. Actually it was getting difficult to move at all. Walking up and down stairs was becoming awkward, even showering myself was painful when trying to reach up and down and around. I was beginning to resign myself to the middle-aged mindset of the slow impending decline and fall of a once active but now ever more and more limited lifestyle. I finished the advanced series with Barry a few months ago and, though it may sound hard to believe, at 47 I'm in the best shape of my life. I recently took up skiing again, after a 6 year absence, and after a few warm-up runs, I decided I'd brave the moguls. I was shocked and elated!!! If anyone was around to see me they would have thought I must be "off of my meds", as I was, at one point, laughing hysterically with tears of joy streaming down my face. I couldn't believe the power I now had in my legs!! I used to get outmuscled by moguls but now I was outdoing them. In years past after my first day back on the hill I would be stiff and sore for a couple of weeks and was bedridden for a week after one such a day. This time, NOTHING!! No pain, no stiffness, just ..... well.... bounce. I feel like a kid again. Do you remember bouncing around?
   Healing happens in stages after Rolfing. Today I went to the gym for my workout and I'm always bending to the right to see if the mobility is back ( I haven't been able to bend over to the right since I was 30 without scary pain). I bent over today and waited, but, nothing. I had to cover my face with my towel to hide the tears as I uttered a silent..."thank you Barry". I'd been in pain for so long that I'd forgotten what it was like to live without it. Now I remember, and now I can LIVE again!! So, once again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you Barry! Everyone needs to get out of their own way and go and get Rolfed.
  Mike Lombardo

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