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Rolfing Programs and Classes

Barry is a registered massage therapist and extended health coverage does apply.

Initial Session: 90 minutes   The purpose of this session is to introduce the client to this work. We generally choose areas of concern to demonstrate the relief available from Rolfing. From experiencing the work directly in the session, you will be better informed about whether you would like to receive the Basic Rolfing Series. Fee: $150

Basic Rolfing Series: 90 minutes – 10 Sessions:
Rolfing body work is applied layer by layer in the body, systematically progressing towards an integrated whole. It is this approach, developed by Dr. Rolf that allows such significant changes in such a short period of time.
The first seven sessions work build upon each other as they work with the connective tissue, rhythms of respiration and other responses of the body. These sessions help remove strain from specific areas of the body such as the lower back, neck, or knees. The last three sessions, which organize, integrate, and align the body as a whole, lead to improved balance, enhanced freedom of movement, and greater energy.

Advanced Rolfing Sessions: 90 minutes – 5 Sessions:

After completing the first tens sessions and then having several months’ integration, clients may wish to return to further reinforce new-found gains, and to focus on any specific areas of concern.

Movement Education Classes:

    These classes are designed to bring students into awareness of their body sensations and movement.  How we move is informed by our whole history: our familial movement patterns, our culture, our past injuries and compensations.

    All influences dictate how we move and how we perceive that movement, which affects our reality and experience.  Most of these patterns are governed by our automatic, unconscious, hard-wired neural pathways. We move through our lives with a complex mixture of these habitual patterns.  However, when  these patterns of movement become imbalanced and inefficient, most often they are invisible to us, leaving us at the mercy of their harmful effects.

    Using disciplines of Rolfing movement, yoga, Feldenkrais and Bodynamics, these classes bring students face-to-face with their patterns, both balanced and imbalanced.  Through explorations of body sensation, its meaning and movement, students are left with an updated version of themselves being graceful, balanced and expressive.

The work of Dr. Ida Rolf, Structural Integration, is a systematic approach working from the superficial to the core. Each individuated class takes specific themes and intentions and sequentially applies them to the students changing bodies.

These classes, using the engineering genius of Dr. Rolf’s work provides a stable and predictable template to discover and receive desired results of pain free and fluid movement.

For more information and an International directory visit:
The Guild of Structural Integration
The Rolf Institute

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